23. May 2019


Lenksäule COBO Athena

●●Accurate and modern design combined with COBO experience in a new steering column system. ●●Tilt movements are independent and constant adjustable by direct actuation of gas springs with rigid lock up to 30° of adjustment each one towards drivers. ●●Wide range of telescopic adjustment of 90 mm by side retractable lever. ●●Modular covers (plastic injection) customizable in different colors and “surfaces studs free” style for a better integration in the increasingly attractive vehicle workplace. ●●Flexibility and modularity for different needs: just selecting different upper covers it is possible to arrange versions with the main controls on board or narrow design for optimal working area visibility.

STANDARD INSTALLATION ●●Steering column switches: Series OMNIA (CAN BUS or ANALOG) ●●Rocker switches: Series 700, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1500 ●●Ignition switch on right side ●●Hazard switch ●●Warning lamps ●●Keypads or TPR (Touch Push Rotate) ●●CANVIEW4 or TRUCKONTROL display

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